Wednesday, May 15, 2013


The new poetry course (weekly practice) comes from one of my closest mother-friends. She and I carried Remy and Molly together and supported each other through pregnancy, but especially after. Remy's seven now (as of just yesterday) and Molly will be in two weeks.

Lexie's prompt was to write about birth either literally or symbolically. Being born or giving birth. My only choice was both; that's my experience as a parent. Who I am now is unique in time and space relative to this shining creature. She makes me more myself- she brings me muchness

When I studied the divine
we talked about co-creation. 
We told origin myths and
the stories we used 
to birth goddesses.

You and I are collaborators,
Little Shaper. There is an art
between us, and in that sacred 
space where cause & effect blur
there is parent & child who
change & adapt,
learn & teach
in a dance.

The connection weaves
between us a thing
that never was before,
and we are each born
outward from that place.


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  1. Love the picture! Molly's sweet expression and her picture of her Mama.

    Have you read Stephen Crane's poetry? He's best known for 'Red Badge of Courage.' His poetry is far before his time.