Friday, May 31, 2013

May: Catching Up with Molly and Finn

Hi there, bleaders. I've missed blogging. It's been a sporadic thing the past year or so. I'm thinking of starting a post schedule. Maybe a personal post day, a treasure nest day, and a visual art day. I'd love to do daily posts but that's overwhelming to me. I don't think I can sustain writing every day like Alexis. Three days a week sounds reasonable though.

It seems like the blogosphere has changed in the past few years. Twitter went totally mainstream and Instagram exploded and commenting on posts has nearly stopped for smaller blogs. I'm definitely guilty of reading far less and commenting very rarely. I am trying to recommit to the culture of blogging, though. I migrated my feeds to in anticipation of Google retiring Reader, which must be another sign of the decline of blogging. 

Anyway, I've been distracted. When we adopted a puppy who is objectively the most adorable creature in the entire world, I thought I'd probably post a thousand times a week and spam the whole internet with photos. Actually, he came home during a week of severe insomnia for me. After a couple of nights without sleep I go into near psychosis, and the demands of a new puppy were enough to make me lose my shit on a grand scale. When Molly was nervous around his nibbling sharp teeth I screamed at her and then locked myself in the bathroom and sobbed in the shower because I was a horrible mother and she was surely traumatized. That night Shane sent me to bed with a sleeping pill and my sleep cycle got reset. Thank the gods. By the end of last week I was in the proper giddy mindset that normally accompanies puppy parenting. I have a post started about Finn and his official name:

I needed to get all the back story I've accumulated out first. So: puppy. Also, BIRTHDAY! My baby is seven. 


Photo by Shane, who is amazing.
Unbelievable. She's gone through a big shift lately. She's tougher and braver and more fierce. (Except when puppies pounce.) I'm really proud and surprised. She got her ears pierced for her birthday and the grandparents bought her a bike. She topples over and she gets back on. With no tears. This is huge for her. She's always going to be a sensitive girl and an amazingly gentle and empathetic soul, but I'm glad to see her bounce back and face fears more than before. She has very strong opinions about mama posting photos and stories about her, so mommy blogging has been more rare. 

So you probably are in for some puppy blogging.

Meanwhile, life with Molly is Taylor Swift and My Little Pony and Word Girl. We've planned weekly library play dates to a summer reading program, trips to the pool, and some home school fun. I'm going to re-reboot my daily drawings and I'm writing a poem each week in an ongoing project with Lexie. Sign up here.

So this was my May and this will be my summer. I'm excited for a sultry simmering summer ADVENTURE.

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