Thursday, June 6, 2013

How to Go Vegan: Eat it RAW

Remember when I started this "series" with a first post then never did another one? Me too. But I have newly rejuvenated purpose! Namely, I've put on a good chunk of weight over the past year, and the results are

  1. A round, fabulous ass. (I have a flat, square butt when I'm slimmer, so this is fun.)
  2. Blood pressure that's above the optimal range for the first time in my life. I'm older than in my last chunkier phase, which was pre-baby. My blood pressure has always skewed normal-low, so numbers above average were a big wake up call.
  3. A resting heart rate that is frighteningly high.
  4. A room full of clothes I can't wear.
So I'm going to add a lot more plant food to my daily meal plans. When I focus on that, I find the unhealthy foods phase themselves out. But being limited to cooking only on really good days, in my vocabulary, "meal plan" means "have food in the house that I can grab and put in my face." It's really easy for that to mean junky crap food. The solution is ridiculously easy:
  1. Buy vegetables.
  2. If good day, cut them into bite sizes & pop into fridge. If bad day, recruit husband to do this.
  3. On bad days, grab a bunch of them and some salsa or hummus.
  4. Put them in my face.
It was a grand insight to realize the obviousness of forgoing a detailed menu makeover in favor of easy-peasy-no-cheesy raw snacks. I'll post my progress as I get my diet recharged, and I'm thinking of recruiting a couple of vegan friends to guest post.

Eat and live yummy, bleaders. Summer produce is here! Get thee to a local farmer's market:)

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  1. Oh, do I feel your pain girlfriend! I've got the same issues but haven't jumpstarted any serious diet yet. Just trying to get through the days...