Monday, July 8, 2013

Just Being, and Just Being Aware

This sort of day is the most challenging: I'm beginning to feel less pain, and if I'm not carefully attentive to my body, I can easily push too far. The days in bed half out of reality from medication push me toward wanting to DO. I want to get up and move and create and visit and live big, colored fullness.

But these days are for rest, and stillness still. The pain is still very present but it doesn't blot out the sun and the earth. I have to listen and watch my movements. I have to whisper-move and cool my sharpened nerves with ice. I have to live in quiet stories or yet more dreams and I have to treat my feet and hips like glass slippers.

I created small, with a tiny world tucked into the palm of my hand. I photographed and overlaid and cross-processed until I had an image that came from the spacetime I'm in today. A soft and strange landscape of the body, a consciousness blurred and slippery.

Be well, my loves. I'm content with myself for knowing when to listen. Body wisdom is a difficult lesson for me and I have pride in learning little truths.

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