Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The Story of the Gypster

So long ago, I was discussing eyeglass fashion with my friends. I bemoaned the fact that my glasses are chunky and kind of a hipster style. I was wearing a bohemian hippie style look, and my hip glasses didn't work with my purely boho look. A gypsy look. I decided I was half hip and half retro gypsy, and coined the term Gypster. We had a giggle. 

So now I've had my eye exam and have a new prescription, so I tried on two drastically different styles and I'm hoping to find a discount place where I can buy two frames: a chunky fabulous pair and a  subtle Lennon style for gypsy days. 

Meh- I'm always conflicted about the term gypsy. I LOVE it. I love the current American slang usage and I love Rom culture but I feel squick using it, because I'm not of Romany descent. I know it's almost never used with racist intent in the US today, but it has a loaded history. Which I hate, because I love the word.

And I love being a fashion masher-upper Gypster. And I love glasses. As accessories and as glorious focus making technology. 

These are from my optometrist's stock but I'll be shopping elsewhere, so expect massive Instagramming of me in many, many frames.

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