Thursday, August 22, 2013

You're Welcome

Here is where you thank me for neglecting to detail the past week+ of my life. There has been a lot of snot. Now I'm mostly recovered from The Hollow Crud. I heard someone down the road coughing up a lung as well, and Molly reports that a neighborhood friend was sick, too. My week of asthma segued into back pain, of course, so there were a couple of extra horizontal days tacked onto the week of suck.

I'm feeling something approaching normalcy now, so I'm trying to plunge back into life. The last month and a half were really strange. They felt surreal and nightmarish and I was a weird automaton. Dad is recovering beautifully, and strikingly faster than doctors' predictions. He's at a specialized healing facility and I haven't gotten to visit since he moved from the hospital. I'm excited to see him, and so dazzled to have a good outcome.

I'm working on a Friday Favorites post about some amazing Instagram self-portraits, and I have a couple of great creative projects to dig into. I feel some re-entry syndrome vibes. I've been a nonperson for several weeks and doing life takes adjustment.

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