Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Agents of SHIELD: Big Damn Heroes

Phil "No, his first name
is Agent" Coulson from Fanpop.
It's a big deal. It's a really, really big deal to see the Mutant Enemy logo animate its adorably quirky self across a live television screen.

It's magical in the way opening a battered copy of your favorite childhood storybook is magical.

So, it's the end of September, Two Thousand Thirteen. I watched the Agents of SHIELD premiere last night with my husband on our ninth anniversary. The night before, I'd teared up because we'd both almost forgotten the anniversary and I was bummed because we were broke and couldn't plan anything date-like and Shane said, "We can't help when the forces of darkness attack us," and the Buffy paraphrase was so perfect and it's so fun how fiercely we've attached to the JossVerse fandoms and the many, many movies and shows we have watched almost to the point of memorization.

OK, so we have memorized a couple of episodes.
But who among us can't quote the entire scripts of Once More, with Feeling and Jaynestown.

I've been very excited for the show, to such a degree that I've learned to spell 'shield.' (Having 'ei' in my name prevents me from taking to spelling 'ie' words very well, unless I google them ten times a day.) I've watched Clark Gregg's portrayal of Phil Coulson with such fangirl zest that I finally had a sex dream about him over the summer. Amusingly, this sparked a Twitter conversation about the creation slashfic pairing Coulson with Leonard Hofstadter from The Big Bang Theory. The cello... so yeah, it's a big damn nerdy fucking deal.

I loved it, but I loved Dollhouse, so mine is not the pulse of the nation.

Gregg's Coulson absolutely nails the Joss Archetype of the bone-dry witted yet twinkly-eyed with mischeif mischief "Captain." It was a goofy-grinned pleasure to see him in a leading role. Fitz/Simmons rock the Buffyspeak, and obviously Skye = Fred = Willow and I LOVES me a Whedon-penned grrl genius. Joss alums Ron Glass and J. August Richards sparkled in their guest starring roles, and if Mike Peterson isn't a recurring character I'll throw a serious hissy fit.

My Coulson squee notwithstanding, I had to forcibly suspend my disbelief to buy into #CoulsonLives. I was more than satisfied with the suggestion in the pilot that the mystery of his near-death will be a story arc. The apparent expense in terms of plot time devoted to this "buy back" helps to sell it. When the dialogue between Agent Hill (side note, Rawr... and also WONDERWOMAN goddamnit!) and Dr. Streiten revealed that there will be something more to Coulson's character resurrection, I let out a relieved cheer.

I am a happy fan, and I'm off to get further lost in the Marvel CineVerse wiki. I'm not well-versed in the comics at all, having been a teenage second hand imbiber of comic book knowledge from my boyfriends and our lunch table of geeks, so I'm getting the movies and show through a clean filter.

And I just almost used the phrase tabula rasa.

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