Thursday, September 12, 2013

Love Letters

We've had a heart wrenching bout of separation anxiety this year. My Birdy has been in tears every morning this school year, until at last we had a no tears morning today. The relief was dazzling. 

Her teacher and counselor have been so supportive and sweet. Her teacher Mrs. Y echoed my approach to Molly perfectly: We want to cherish her sensitivity and her being so attuned to hers and others' emotions but want her to be tough enough to live in the world we've got. Mrs. Y agreed with me that that ugly reality is that as she ages the world at large could eat her alive. It's such a hard truth. More than not, I use Buffy as an example. She's a fierce and amazing warrior figure to illustrate strength. But she's real. She cries, she falls apart, and then she back flips and decapitates a demon. So: awesome.

The counselor asked us to try sending a little note with her everyday. I always draw a little doodle on her snacks and lunch containers, so I was flummoxed that I hadn't thought of that myself. Mrs Y says she can tell it's helping, and she loves seeing Molly discreetly pull out her folded note and peek at it, and in our conference yesterday she told me she's seen her begin to well up but fight the tears back. I feel so relieved after meeting with her. She's so obviously a teacher whose soul is in it. She and I geeked out together talking about modes of learning and the different "flavors" of intelligence. I've loved all of Molly's teachers, but I think this woman jives with the approach I'd take if I were teaching.

The letters are a lovely ritual for us both, and I'm so excited on this No Tears Day it's like she won a Nobel Prize in Being Seven.

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