Wednesday, September 4, 2013


My Dad is coming home tomorrow- unbelievable. He's a stubborn man, and that's the only explanation I have for his continually exceeding his doctors' expectations. Every step of the way, they'd tell us a hopeful time-frame for that phase of healing. Then he'd smash through that and heal in half the time. It's amazing... 

The phrase "back to normal" is coming up a lot. It's a new normal, to use a cliché, but that's what life is. We adapt to a change and then things normalize. 

I've had several normal days, but normal for other people. And that means they were exhausting. I've cleaned and cooked and driven, and now I'm in bed letting the pain Be. My body's cashing in a debt. I thought of it that way- felt like I was kiting a check by taking extra meds and ignoring my limits so I could have a weekend of regular life. I enjoyed it so much. I baked bread and cupcakes and entertained my dear friend and Molly's crew.

It was ridiculous and perfect and completely worth it. 

I'm happy and achy and stabby and worn out but my Dad will be home and drinking his delicious home brewed beer, and my stepbrother and sister-in-law will be there if they aren't having a baby this weekend. They're having a little girl- Bodhi will be a big brother and I love his name so much I'm dying to know what baby girl will be named. (It's a secret.) Molly wants her to be named Tulip.

I'm so grateful that my Daddy's okay and that after the struggle of serious illness we all feel closer. 

And that my bed is soft and cozy and I am filled with quiet and rest and being gentle with my fiery hips and stinging toes.

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