Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Adventures of Finn

This saddest dog in history showed up in my yard, friendly but upset and clearly lost. Finn was inconsolable when, after having his painful ear cleaned and medicated, and being forbidden from sticking his head out if the window, his mama was babying another dog.

My brother-in-law knew him and took him home as Molly, her bestie K, and I were taking photos door to door. During all this, Finn was literally barking mad and the girls were an EXPLOSION of frantic kid-crazy and when they left to go to K's house, the house felt like a blanket of quiet had suddenly fallen upon us.

Finn's had a rough few days. He has a yeast-like ear infection that the vet said is probably allergies, and she gave us a brand of grain-free food we can pick up at Green's Feed & Seed. Green's makes me happy. I don't know how many places have a feed store right in the city. Charleston has an amazingly unique vibe. Urban Appalachia.

We're puzzling over what mix our wee pup is. Best guess is labrador & corgi. The vet we saw today and many others suggest there's chow in the mix, but looking at images of chow/lab pups look far less likely than lab/corgi.

I'm reveling in the quiet house for a little longer until Molly and Shane come home. Finn's lounging all cat-like and my whole world in this moment is me and my puppy. It's contentment we both need.

I cannot imagine my life being whole without a dog. Dharma was so, so incredible, and I still miss her terribly. Finn is so different, and he's my first puppy. (Dharma was four years old when I met Shane.) He's my tiny little white knight, protecting me from all imagined onslaughts. When we have piles of snuggly wrestling in the bed, Finn hops into the fray and nibbles Molly or Shane and maneuvers himself in to protect his mama.

I'm a smitten puppy mama. 
Love is fur.

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