Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

It is so damn time for a pretty fluff post y'know? It's been a challenging... life, and I've been dying to just show off my purple bangs.

I've had bangs/fringe lust since Molly was a toddler but I can't really pull them off. My face doesn't want bangs, but as I do I figured out a passable way to cut them. 

I started way back at my crown and grew that out toward my forehead, then cut the fringe short-short. Crazy short, like "fixing it if your kindergartener found scissors and cut her own hair" short. I undercut them a little too, then cut in vertically to make them piece-ier.

This color is making me very happy now that I've lived in it a couple of weeks. It seemed more pink than purple at first but whatever it is I think it's adorable. It's a mix of Splat! red raspberry something and Manic Panic ultra-violet. The "violet" looks deep blue, in case you want to try it out. The purple is blending out so freaking cool with my brunette roots it's making me want to have long ombré hair.

I could probably use a break from the peroxide so I think I'm just going to touch up the purple without re-bleaching.

I might do another hair post about the bright dyes soon, but I want to try another brand first. The concensus is that Special Effects is the longest lasting, so I want to test it out.

In other cute-shit news, I'm also testing temporary tattoo methods and have some makeup posts in my brain. I'd love to do some makeup demo videos but I'm absolutely shit with a camera at the moment.

Would you be interested in arty cosmetics posts? Comment below & feed me some feedback. Xx

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