Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Puppy Wisdom

I've got a post or two in drafts to be edited, and I need to get up on my laptop to polish them up. I have a photo-heavy post I'm really excited for, and a drawing that's later than I want it to be.

My body has contradicting my plans, and I felt myself sinking into anger and self-pity. I caught myself and thought to write up a simple and short positive piece from my phone app, inspired by Schmutzie's Grace in Small Things.

Finn love-bombed me, and I snapped a bunch of puppy kiss photos. If there's a sweeter gratitude than the giddy love of the furry baby/bestie who unconditionally loves you so hard he has to throw his love at you... Well there is for me but you don't all want to read about dilated cervixes and leaking breasts.

I love my Finn Tiberius Dewdrop Dreampuppy Evans and that's enough gratitude that I don't have to push through pharmaceutical fog (phog, from here on I think, yes?) to make a list of happinesses. 

Thanks obviously to Finn, but also to Shane (who is a rockstar of a husband when I'm bed-bound), Tiffany (I recently poster her pink haired glam self) for taking Molly off my hands after school, Schmutzie for the GiST movement, and my beloved Pam for sharing part of her day with me yesterday.

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    1. Thanks for mentioning the mention;)

      I'm glad the link worked- I'm not in love with iPhone blogging but on Spoonie days it's my saving grace:D