Thursday, October 10, 2013

#ThriftyThursday Treasure Trolling and Adventuring

Saturday Mister Bones and I went on a small quest to find cheap Otter Boxes for our phones, having heard there was a booth at Capital Flea Market where they were sold for $5. I was a bit sore but felt I was up for a short stroll through.

Predictably, my thrifting addicted self was immediately in something like an orgy and a gourmet buffet and the perfect drug and heaven. I wandered while Shane searched out phone cases, testing whether bluey-violet shades look good with pinky-violet hair (yes, especially if they're sparkly) and trying on wicked skull rings that actually fit my amazon finger bones.

And I found these Skellington gloves and squealed like a three year old girl:

Our trip was cut short by an emergency call from stranded friends who'd wretched a motorcycle. Everyone was fine but you can't ride with a sprained ankle.

We drove out past Goldtown and the ride there was a little slice of hell because I'm embarrassingly prone to motion sickness.  I drove back after sipping on a Coke and all was well, and the drive was gorgeous. The country roads snake their way through farms and rolling hills and it's the highest part if the area so the hills are just below the town and the sky has some breathing room. The sun was kissing the grasses and horses and old farm houses and it was just unbelievably idyllic.

The aborted flea market mission sparked an enthusiastic new addiction, obviously. My favorite shop is Mountain Rose Vintage and Herbs.

Darlene Rose and I talked at length about aromatherapy, how 60s fashion is the best thing humans ever did, and our dogs. She's so sweet and her shop has gorgeous clothes and jewelry as well as her own oil blends and loose herbs for cooking or spell work or whatever non-Wiccans do with herbs.

The shopping and drive were well beyond my limits, so my back is recovering as I write this, but pretty much the moment I can walk, I'll be back at the flea market to shop and snap some more photos. I haven't been out thrifting as much as my soul needs- I need shinies. It's fuel for the daisy soul.

Capital Flea Market's just past Capital High School and is open weekends YEAR ROUND OMG w00t!

Share your favorite flea markets and thrift stores in the comments. I know I haven't discovered all the valley's goodies.

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