Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Art School Nostalgia #NaBloPoMo

I went to WVSU for an art performance and reception for the Grid show this evening. It was fantastic- Scott Christian performed percussion pieces from contemporary composers and created visual accompaniment that complimented the sort of math poetry of the music.

The exhibition featured quilt pieces by Andrea McLeod and gridded paintings by Rebecca Recco, all of which followed the grid theme. 

While I was there, I snuck into the printmaking lab and took some nostalgic equipment-love photos.

I have so much to process from the experience. I'll write more for tomorrow's post. Tonight I'm snuggled up nursing my exhausted feet and watching Agents of SHIELD with my family by a fire and I'm pretty much melting into a puddle of cozy sleepiness.

Until tomorrow, be well!

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