Friday, November 29, 2013

Droplets Vévé Doodle #NaBloPoMo

We cancelled plans tonight to stay home with Molly. We'd intended to go to Meg's to visit our lovely friend who introduced me to Shane, but the grandies called with our hysterical daughter. She'd fallen and cut a nasty gash on the back of her head. When Shane brought her in the bleeding had stopped but she was still painful and really rattled. It's a couple of inches across and dealing with her long hair as it heals is giving me such dread.

So I'm snuggled up now with my little gamer. She fell asleep watching Minecraft fan videos (thank you deeply, geeks of YouTube who make playful game videos my seven year old can watch) while I drew another vévé. It's modeled after Erzulie's but I don't know of her being a mother figure per se. I think maybe she's more about sexy-love, but I think the lwa's and orishas' followers take a fluid approach with their pantheon too. 

Here's the drawingprayer and the sketchbook page, sneaked onto the blog in the last hour of the day while the little one snores like a kitten curled at my side. 

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