Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Evil Eye: An Eyeliner Story

When I was a small child, there were some older kids in my neighborhood who wore makeup. Some of the girls wore very black eyeliner in their waterline, the inner rim of the bottom eyelid. I didn't know it was makeup: I thought they really had black-black eyelids, and I was fairly certain it meant they were devil worshipers. 

My aversion to lined eyes of that style stayed with me until long after I learned the girls were metalheads with a lot of makeup and in fact not in league with Satan. I developed a bias against lining under the eyes in general, and when I was allowed to start wearing cosmetics I emulated the sixties cat eye, causing a friend in junior high school to complain that I was doing eyeliner wrong.

By adulthood, of course, I was a bit of a goth girl and grew to adore a darkly dramatic eye look. I could never really nail a perfect smokey-black eye, though. The shadow looked fine but it just didn't work on my eye shape. 

When I discovered makeup tutorials on YouTube, I saw some amazing dark eye designs with a black tight-lined style. (The tight line can mean the waterline or the inner rim of the top lid as well.) I tried the look and realized what my dark eye look was missing. I was ecstatic with my gothy epiphane.

It tickles me, my fascination with eyeliner. It's definitely my favorite cosmetic. Here's a smokey smudge red/black makeup with double-winged eyeliner from deepest demonic hell.

All hail the dark lords of glam.


  1. You're something else! Love the look! BTW, your eyebrows look perfect! Hope yours don't fall out like mine did...then you could write about the trials of penciling-in the perfect eyebrow. It's harder than you'd think, believe me!

    1. Ha- those brows are nearly all makeup. Mine are very sparse. I'm actually planning to do another makeup post about how I fill them in:D

      I love when you comment- it's so cool to head from you! ❤️