Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Morning Doodle Thoughts with Antlers #NaBloPoMo

This morning all was rainy chill and drab gray, but these are drawings from Sunday morning. I've always loved doing handwritten posts so I've zoomed in on the little poem/prose bits. I'm transcribing them too, in case my handwriting isn't legible enough on your screen.

Morning is always unhurried to come to us. Our home nestles against a hill to the east and each day breaks softly and quietly. The sky opens pale and silver first, and then the

first hint of the Sun comes and cast[s] the warmest glow onto the tops of the trees. They are dark and bare now, stark black jagged lines against the soft mist of the cool sky. When they are struck

by the golden sun, the lines of the branches burst into a new life. Proud and royal, they become as crowns on a rich and shining god, a golden stag god, a king watching his hills for the fleet does and bucks who come dancing for him.


Tomorrow's my Mama Polly's birthday, and she likes deer and landscapes, so I'm going to continue channeling my antler fixation toward some new art for her. I get a kick out of finding subjects I think she'll like. It's a running joke (maybe just in my own imagination...) how much my art vexes her. Great naked goddesses and brains and skeletons are very much not to her liking.

But I think if I can avoid calling the deer An aspect of the Horned God or the familiar of sacred Diana we can meet in the middle between simple, natural beauty and hot, sexy paganism.

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