Sunday, November 10, 2013

#NaBloPoMo 50 Things About Me

I need to double up posts, but I'll do that tomorrow or the next day- we're having a sleepover and I've promised makeovers. Meanwhile I'll share 50 random things in a typed simulation of the vlogging meme. 

Firstly, some favorites:

1.Color: Blood red
2. Books: Stardust, Coraline, Neverwhere, the Harry Potter series, The Lord of the Rings trilogy, Interview with the Vampire, Dracula
3. Current Television: Mad Men, Once Upon a Time, New Girl, and (probationary as a newborn show) Witches of East End.
4. Movies off the cuff: The Matrix, Legend, Labyrinth, the Harry Potter series, and Aronovsky's entire filmography.
5. Songs: Black (Pearl Jam), Lateralus (Tool), While My Guitar Gently Weeps (The Beatles)

And now some confessions:

6. I have really inconsistent social anxiety, and I'm not sure what triggers my introvert/extrovert switch, besides the obvious extrovert-catalyst of alcohol.
7. I'm still embarrassed by my ADD symptoms, thinking both that I should be able to intelligence-force it out of me, and that complaining about my mild version undermines the struggle of people who have severe symptoms, like my brother as a kid.
8. I haven't read enough classic literature to feel I really qualify as a writer or a smart person or even a grown up.
9. I pick and bite my lips and cuticles until they bleed and although I know this is a medical thing (called dermatillomania) I think it's massively gross.
10. I am the laziest at housekeeping. My house embarrasses me.
11. I haven't been a strict vegetarian since I went to Dr. Voodoo. When Shane cooks bacon I eat it, and I've helped myself to Molly's chicken nuggets several times.
12. I stress eat and bored eat and happy eat and am generally the most blatant example of a compulsive overeater I can imagine. It is very disordered eating and I joke about it a lot to paper over a great, chunky mountain of shame.

So here's some goofy shit:

13. I take so much Benadryl for my allergies and insomnia that Shane is regularly shocked by how fast we go through a huge bottle.
14. I pee myself laughing all the damn time. I did not take kegels seriously enough after pregnancy. 
15. I'm crazy ticklish. It's just painfully unfair.
16. Once my dad-in-law was watching an episode of Star Trek: the Next Generation and there was a Ferenghi character on screen. I laughed and told him that Shane calls me a Ferenghi because my ears are... Then I got embarrassed and finished up with "ticklish." He guffawed and said, "Their ears ain't ticklish!" I admitted mine aren't either and turned burning hot scarlet.
17. I have crumbs in my bra right now. I like deep scoop neck tops and that happens a lot. Why am I wearing a bra? Okay. That's better.

Some cute kid junk:

17. Molly loves to sing Hungry Like the Wolf. When she does the whispered parts in her teeny tiny voice I crack up. She'll whisper "hungry like the wolf" over and over to make me laugh and it never gets old.
18. Molly says "ig least" for at least and we love to watch Igventure Time. I corrected her a few times but she loves to blow that off and shrugs, "I know, but I like to say it this way."
19. We still play Harry Potter pretend pretty much all the time. I have no idea where Hermione stops and Molly begins. 
20. I always have to be Ron. This annoys me but not enough to protest.
21. The dog's penis upsets her. When he licks it she is beyond mortified.

More favorite things:
22. Food: Indian food
23. Wine: Chardonnay
24. All-time telly: Buffy, Firefly, Dr. Who Torchwood
25. The tenth (David Tennant) is my favorite doctor.
26. Lavender is my favorite scent.
27. Favorite Shakespearean play is A Midsummer Night's Dream.
28. I think it would make a great porn movie. Donkey spell notwithstanding. Actually there's got to be a fetish audience for that.

Coughing discreetly and moving  on...

Favorite Buffy episodes:

29. Once More, with Feeling
30. Something Blue
31. Buffy vs. Dracula
32. Gone
33. Life Serial
34. Tabula Rasa
35. Hush

Inverse- my least favorite Firefly episodes:

36. Bushwhacked 
37. Objects in Space
38. The Train Job
39. Safe

I love these episodes. I just wanted to avoid listing 10+ episodes as favorites.

Let's talk more about me.

40. Personal heroines and heroes include Frida Kahlo, Neil Gaiman, Dave McKean, Tori Amos, Kiki Smith, Maggie Gyllenhaal, and Margaret Atwood.
41. I have an intense lust for one of those: it's Maggie Gyllenhaal, but you knew that.
42. My man crushes are Alan Rickman, Nathan Fillion and Benedict Cumberbatch.
43. In the discretion of my own home I have created a really vulgar nickname for Mr. Cumberbatch. I am not going to reveal it, but it's predictable.
44. The most superficially annoying things about my back pain are being unable to wear my chunky-heeled boots or be on top during sex.
45. I only recently realized, after impulsively blurting it out to Shane, how true it is that if I could have a do-over, I would absolutely get an epidural during childbirth.
46. I've grown into a real peace with having an only child, thinking that Molly is who she is in part because she's our only baby.
47. I love seeing her with friends, though. It makes me proud to see what a good playmate she (usually) is.
48. I have so much trouble thinking I should have one identity. Whether it's silly/serious as a writer or introvert/extrovert or a million other dualities or multiplicities I constantly remind myself that that chameleon nature is ok.
49. I'm still broken out from corn syrup in Halloween candy. 
50. I feel more affection for my Dad now than I have since I was a small child. We came terrifyingly close to losing him, and that made me appreciate his friendship and parenting infinitely more. 

That was fun- it's been ages since I did a questionnaire, random or bullets post. Don't be shocked if I mine that for posting ideas again during NaBloPoMo. 

Be well!

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