Saturday, November 16, 2013

Oh Holy Norse Gods of Cinema: A Movie Afterglow #NaBloPoMo

So our broke asses finally made it to Thor: The Dark World and I'm blown right the fuck away. I had really low expectations. 'Thor' was by far my least favorite of the Marvel Universe movies. I was, like many many fangirls, there for Loki. I was so very thrilled that I was completely engaged for every moment of the film. 

The theatre was pretty crowded for a second weekend matinee, and my informal observance of my Facebook stream shows that we as a whole are pretty much orgasming about Tom Hiddleston and about Loki. I have decided during further research in YouTube that Tom is apparently the most darling human being on earth. His interviews are incredibly charming, and this Smosh prank interview completely sealed the new crush:

A tired Molly, who did not get to partake of the Marvel squee (but who is so into Agents of SHIELD) is begging for my phone, so I'm going to leave off of the gushing with one last link, in case you missed the most ascendent, perfect cosplay moment in fandom history:

Be well, and I wish you with the mad glee of shining trickster eyes.

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