Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Snowscape Drawing in Progress #NaBloPoMo

My fingers are having some angry carpal tunnel inflammation so writing and drawing have been minimal today. I worked a few minutes on this sketchbook page from the first snow this year. I'd forgotten about it but was flipping through to see if I could salvage a doodle.

I'm digging the texture of the pen and pencil together. I'm itching to paint lately, but that'd put me on bed rest afterward so I'll wait for a day that doesn't involve mandatory family time.

I'm having a markedly mellow mood about the season lately. I'm going to indulge in turkey tomorrow because the past two years I've been so lax with vegetarianism. Shane and my brother-in-law are deep frying the food-I'm-trying-to-forget-is-a-bird and I've heard this is magical amounts of fabulous. 

And now my fingers are completely numb. That, my bl'eaders, is how one gracefully ends a blog post. 

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