Monday, November 25, 2013

Starshine #NaBloPoMo

I made a sweet little morning writing/doodle about the sun yesterday and then thought since I'd drawn it I'd uploaded it. Let's pretend that National Blog Posting Month as performed by a spoonie* with ADD, anxiety, and chronic pain is a sort of real time psychological study, yeah? Great, so let's continue.

If you follow my Facebook posts, you know we had a really bumpy start to this school year. Molly's guidance counselor shared a wonderful trick. Her son had had a tough year too and they soothed the separation with little love notes from mom. In preschool I used to "tattoo" a heart or star on Molly's palm and she'd draw one on mine. We called them kisses. This year the notes have really helped her worries. They're a positive little ritual for us now. I wake earlier than anyone in the house, which makes me feel a mellow, glowing magic. I light a dim lamp, and snuggle against warm, sleepy baby perfection and write and draw her a little magic to tuck into her sock.

That she keeps her love letter in her sock is so beyond adorable. She hates to wear jeans, so she's always in leggings or sweaties. That old witchy self that she always ignites in me loves this tradition. I'm so fascinated with art-as-magic. My painting instructor could tell you of the hundreds of (mostly unfinished...) faux-primitive cave goddesses I made my classmates endure. And in Wicca, the feet are sacred, walking the earth. Birdy's bits of mama magic are connected to our earth mama.

Today, morning as a concept inspired me again, so I shared with her my Mom singing me "Good Morning, Starshine." {Yes, of course I was raised on Hair.} I was thinking of the powerful love stretching back from my grandma through my mama and through me now, pouring all that lovemagic (it's the same thing, isn't it?) into my child's heart.

"Love comes from my beautiful Nana to my gorgeous Mama and
with all that HUGE love in my heart, I send it on to my darling Molly..."
This afternoon I'm going to try to make us an Advent calendar. I was going to countdown a lunar month until the Solstice but Molly wants to extend it to Christmas on it as well. Sharing Solstice with her helps me cope with Christmas so much. Watching her enjoy the secular and family religion is infectious, but doing our quiet winter magics is so special and intimate.

Be well, and may the stars shine glittering and lovely down to lighten your mornings and evenings.

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