Saturday, November 30, 2013

The Cruel Mathematics of November

This was (is) the beginning of the autumn/winter Mama Bones 'zine and I noticed today that it is the last day of November. So my title reflects the fact that my motivation fell right the fuck off the cliff of dark.

I think I'll go meta with it and change it to December but leave the remnants of the lost month. 

November's been very, very extra November this year, so I'm pretty ready to kick its ass right out the door. NaBloPoMo was valuable- I feel reconnected to the process again, and several themes I want to explore, but I'm relieved to be able to spend more time with each writing. I'm going to work on at least Tuesday and Thursday posting schedule for a while. 

Thank you, my sweet friends for taking this journey with me, and I'm so excited to move forward. 

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