Saturday, November 2, 2013

Weekend of the Dead: My Sugar Skull

I quite nearly gave up on Halloween & Dia de Los Muertos celebrations beyond helping Molly achieve her adorable mashup costume of goth-cheerleader-meets-The-Corpse-Bride. I was rushed during trick-or-treat prep, so I just hande out candy dressed as a tired late thirties mom with faded pink hair. I skipped my lofty plans to go watch karaoke at the Broadway, a gay bar in Charleston, because sitting in my lawn chair killed my back.

Friday morning I mentioned that I was thinking of doing a sugar skull makeup for Day of the Dead and my neighbor talked me into it. Then I talked myself out of it, and then back into it:) I maybe should've listened to my downer self as I'm in wicked pain today. I set up a little makeup area at a table rather than standing but I must have leaned in and still wore myself out.

I posted a teaser on Instagram but was too sore (read: stoned) to write and edit, so I'm declaring it a Weekend de Los Muertos, yeah?

I'm out of white cream makeup so I used a creamy NYX jumbo eye pencil in Milk and blended it with my regular foundation. It's a blend I mixed of Mary Kay full coverage in the fairest yellow undertone with a little pinky ivory and a touch of white Halloween makeup. The black is a cheap liquid eyeliner that sets really well. I have no idea what brand it is- the tube's just black.

It was fun to do, but it made me want to do it again with better makeup and a better brush. I used the brush that came with the eyeliner, which is very long. The strokes are much less controlled than I wanted but the loose doodley look is ok. 

I started to photograph each step so I could write a tutorial but it was impossible to get into a creative groove when I kept stopping to shoot photos. I'm still daydreaming of filming makeup videos. I'm not sure I can do it though, after this project put me flat in bed.

Enjoy the images and may your ancestors and lost loved ones bless you with their wisdom and magic!

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  1. Beautifully written and well done!! And yes, if you EVER do make videos..I am all over that!! Love to you and your ancestors.