Sunday, December 22, 2013

Dirty Blogging

I feel dirty after not posting for weeks. The little slack-hiatus began with "I deserve a wee break after NaBloPoMo" and then it morphed into a project for Crystal, my Valley Girl and Affrilachian poet extraordinaire. 

Her collection "Valley Girl" will soon be purchased easily online. I kept meaning to write about the project as I went, giddy as I was to have a project. Then Birdy got strep throat. Then she healed up and we both got a GI virus and on the not-puking days I was just boringly depressed by winter.

Last night I finally left the house. I went out with my people, to send our sweet Betty off to Key West and to drink enough beer to stop hating her for moving to Key West. Karan wanted me to post my makeup. Karan told me this after I'd been drinking and laughing into hysterics for three hours, so here's what my makeup looked like then:

Those smudges are amazingly minimal for the amount of crying-tears my friends incite. My secret is like $5 or less so I'll tell y'all- e.l.f. Lock and Seal. Mix it with eye shadow and you have magically waterproof liner. I'm still daydreaming of filming some makeup videos someday, but need to pour what energies I do have into drawing. I'm going to do the #draw365 project for 2014.

I also have a new post in the works about my word of the year. I stole this gorgeous idea from Alexis a few years ago: Instead of resolutions, you choose a word/concept to work on through the year.

This may be my last post before the ChristmasCrazy because I've got more injections tomorrow into my spine facets. They're so not as bad as they sound but I was in almost a PTSD place for the first round. When they did my epidurals for the sciatica it was the most pain ever. I was a whining, snotty baby for the new injections. I'm now prepared with Xanax and the fresh memory that they aren't so bad. It's difficult to quantify if they're helping yet- these are for my arthritis and I think it's a bit better. It's raining today and I was able to take Finn outside and walk some, so this is of the good.

Be merry, my b'leaders and enjoy the Solstice magic, the Christmas goodness, or share with the atheist in me the smiley children and cookies that kill the angst. And maybe rum, if that's your thing.

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