Friday, December 27, 2013

Everyday Mojo: Meditation for 2014

My favorite tradition for each New Year is choosing a focus word, a concept to center my thoughts as the year turns. I learned this from Alexis, who has an amazing wrap up post up celebrating her 2013. As always, her photographs are gorgeous. 

I searched myself for a while to find the right word for my new year. I considered revisiting "small," my 2013 theme. I liked the idea that we don't need a new word or a time limit for exploring lessons. Training myself to appreciate small moments and ideas is a lifetime of work. And then the idea of everyday came clearly to me. Molly watched me draw it in my sketchbook and said, "I know! That means you're going to blog everyday."

I am recommitting to regular (but not daily) posting, and I considered choosing the word "write," but I'm thinking beyond daily practice. I'm working more along the ideas from the last two years: mindfulness, small, and now everyday. I am going to restart the daily drawings on my Instagram and I'm thinking about coordinating an Artist's Way group online. I'm going to simmer that for a while, though. It's intense work and I'm still deciding if I can commit to guiding it, but I haven't done the course in several years and it feels necessary now. I'm a totally different artist and person than I was before my pain became chronic. The repercussions of that are still settling, and I'm still finding my footing. I'll write some more about the workbook and process if it finds momentum. 

I wish you each a bounty of renewal and rejuvenation as we celebrate the coming year. And thank you so very much for being here, for making this creative venue a possibility for me. The blog has been far and away my most rewarding project, and your eyes and hearts witnessing it make it happen.

Be well and know my heart swells with gratitude for you.

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