Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Time Slip

My first groggy half-thought this morning was, "Where's mom? Where'd she sleep- we don't have a guest room."

By the time the question coalesced from an idea to words I thought

Oh... Twelve years.

And then I rolled over and Molly wrapped her skinny velvet limbs over me in a contented tangle and I thought

this is healing, Mama.

I know it's simplistic new age goddess crap of immense self-righteousness to claim this is a universal truth, but in my own little life, this girl made soft and pliable the wounds I thought would stab and tear and bleed forever.

Thank you, my little one, for letting me see the other side of Mother. Thank you, my so beloved soul mate Mama for showing your babies your world of primal love and for staying 

never, ever long enough

but until I had my feet planted sturdy and had seen the strength you lived so that I could wind my way through this life to be right here.

Warmest, softest sleeping daughter who will wake and begin to fly like a mad faery through the house to live this day on cookies and laughter and hugs.

Thank you Dreams for a lingering moment when I felt she was here with us.

If today is a family day for you, hold them tightly and fiercely and tell them that we are all here making memories for later, and live in those memories today.

For you, Mama.
For Grandma and Bammy and Papaw. For Becky
and for all our dear ones. 

Eat so many cookies.

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