Saturday, January 25, 2014

Art for the Aquapocalypse

Tonight's the fundraiser for the United Way's aid to service workers who lost time and money after the chemical spill. I'm glad I could create a little drawing to donate- it made me feel less helpless. The event will feature music and a silent auction at the Alban Theatre in St. Albans. I'm not sure if we're going or not. There's a couple more inches of snow moving through and I'm feeling a bit wrecked, but the wonderful Nikki came and picked up my piece yesterday so my art'll be representing even if I'm lazing in bed.

This drawing was so much fun to create. I loved inking the patterns and using a symmetrical iconic design like my old prints and paintings. I have two more river pieces started but one of them feels too sterile. It's not as stylized as this one and I think it needs to loosen up a lot to have any character. The other one is really happy-making, though.

Here is "Ground Water":

Here's the event on Facebook. Go bid on my drawing and jam with some local-grown tunes, yeah?

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