Monday, January 13, 2014

Art Therapy for the River

Sunday, we distracted ourselves with a shopping trip, and I spent a lovely Christmas gift of a Michael's gift card from my in-laws. Having a pile of new art supplies in the house stirred my creative mojo and I've been wanting to draw something to do with water to later sell as a fundraiser, once the immediate crisis settles into a remediation effort. I don't know yet what would be the best agency or organization, but I'll work on that once I've made the art. 

If any other artists want to start thinking about collaborating on a project of some sort, let me know.

Meanwhile, let's have some sexy, sexy art supplies porn:

I bought Molly some School's-Out-Damn-Near-Forever art supplies, too:

This afternoon I started looking for some images of the Elk River to use as drawing references, and I found a really lovely photo and tracked down the owner. He had an outdoor lifestyle blog that he doesn't update any more, but he responded almost immediately with a happy YES and even promised to send me more photos. I've started sketching but I'll post the photos and drawings tomorrow.

Thank you, Jesse Chaffin:)

We're waiting for the go-ahead to start flushing our water taps. We're in the next zone so it should be given sometime in either a few hours or tomorrow. Most of us are feeling a little leery of the fact that it's probably going to smell for a while. More than a few friends have vowed not to drink the water here again, ever. So add those bottles of water to the mountain that are already piling up, and Spruce Mountain may not be our highest peak for much longer. 

Focusing on an art project helps my cynical ass not to descend into pessimism, so I'm going to go doodle with my stinky self. I ate onions today, because I have no foresight. 

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