Friday, January 17, 2014

Edging Toward Normal

Things are edging toward normal, although I expect (and in many ways hope) that some things will never be the same. No one I've asked is drinking the water yet, although the majority are showering. Molly and I haven't showered yet but Shane is doing so with no problems. I'm waiting a bit longer because there have been warnings about asthma and allergy patients and I'm just not letting my baby near it until I can't stand the stink and she still smells like lavender baby shampoo from her camp shower last Sunday. Or at least she did before I packed her off to the grandparents' to save my sanity.

Meanwhile I took yesterday off from drawing. I finished prepping my book materials then got sick and lay in bed under a pile of blankets and slept for 100 or so hours. I'm still rather meh this morning so I'll probably take another sick day from my normally exciting life of mostly lying around in bed for different reasons.

I have many gorgeous photos to share that Jesse Chaffin took on his various trips around the state, and drawings I'm working on for various fundraisers. Right now I just really need to be horizontal again.

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