Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Frozen Bubbles and Vicarious Book Making and Vertebrae Torture: Your Typical Heidi Stuff

I've been a busy bee, and as generally Doing the Things equals Too Exhausted or Sore to Blog the Things, it's been a few blogless days. I mi

On Sunday, I took advantage of my Souster's crafting/making/doing obsession and had her over to trim paper in preparation for a bookbinding lesson. (She's started a new blog to document her adventures called- adorably- Damnit, Pinterest!) I need a new sketchbook and you may remember the past few years have me hopelessly addicted to coptic bound books, which lay perfectly flat, are handmade, and have gorgeous exposed stitching. I made my own two years back, but the paper I used is a huge roll, and I'm now unable to do the prep work of cutting and measuring. Measuring and cutting. Actually, no... tearing, for this book. The neatly torn sheets are freaking lovely and as a former printmaker I have much affection for the deckled edge of torn art paper. I'll post the book project after we bind this weekend. I have to fold and weight the curly pages this afternoon. I was too pained for that Sunday afternoon, having stood a bit too long to watch and help Megan. 

Then yesterday morning I had my third round of steroid injections into my spine. Into. My. Spine. Into the actual bone of my vertebrae. I've began to relate this experience here but my storytelling spiraled outward and now it kinda needs its own post, so that'll be a fun horror story for later this week. A horror story based on true events. The best kind. Best here meaning worst.


Today is better, and I'm having a mostly normal life day. Molly's here with me, because they closed schools due to its being cold as fucking balls. I fell asleep thinking, I have never read Dante's Divine Comedy. Who's in that very cold innermost circle of hell? Do you say Bay-uh-TREECH-ay in Italian? Or was it Latin? Was Latin meant to be spoken or primarily read? Where did I hear that it wasn't meant for speaking? Why didn't I take Latin? It fascinates me... oh we only had French and Spanish available... and then I finally crashed at some point but anyway it is definitely cold enough to inspire questions about the coldness of a Dante hell.

So this morning Shane inspired us to do some little Cold As Balls science, and we finally achieved frozen bubbles! Molly and I attempted this in October when the temperature first hit freezing but it didn't work. We were delighted that it did this morning, but it's difficult to photograph. You can see some jagged frozen edges on the bubble wand if you look closely:

We wrapped it up pretty quickly, because my asthmatic lungs went into revolt, but later we're going to time how quickly a wet cloth will freeze stiff, try making ice marbles with balloons and colored water, and (my favorite) compare freezing hot water and cool water to see if we can get the Mpemba Effect to happen.

Stay warm and cozy today. Stay tuned later this week- the temp's going up into the 50s, and my sinuses will probably explode. If they don't kill me, I'll write up that fun post about my medical torture and some drawings.

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