Thursday, February 6, 2014

#ThrowbackThursday: Art School Edition

It was Brigit's Day (if you're pagan) and St. Brigid's Day (for Catholics) recently, and I remembered sketching in an old college sketchbook of a symbol found in a well sacred to the goddess Brigid. I have been googling my ass off for days and couldn't find it. When I braved the chaos of my studio junk room to find my old journal/drawing books, I thought it would make a groovy throwback post.

I have a vivid memory of sketching this outside in the
sun. I was feeling my mom so strongly. The eye
is her gorgeous hazel iris, there's one of her teapots,
and a bad likeness but pretty fairy/goddess mama
wears her ankh necklace.

This sexy sexy snaky dancer was a study for an animation
that had a much simpler figure walking then hip-wiggling.
Sadly, the DVD is missing.

This profile head, opening its mouth to eat or drink showed
up a lot. She was hungry. She ate fire, pomegranate seeds,
various drugs, lots of words, and sometimes just screamed.
The mermaid is swimming in stars because I was rereading
the Clive Barker stories with Quiddity. If you haven't read
The Great and Secret Show and Everville, we need to
start seeing other people.
I hadn't started binding books yet, but I was really into
the idea and was altering my sketchbooks a lot.
Metamorphosis was an obsessive theme from high
school through college. I have a really awful butterfly
tattoo on my shoulder. I designed it, but the tattooist is
a talented friend.
So when I found the actual symbol, I wasn't in love with it as much as originally. It's similar to the simple fertility fetishes I think of as bird goddesses. I can't find anything similar with the three jutting parts, and I can't believe I didn't jot down the source. I might play with it some now and see if I can work up some doodle mojo.

My pre-motherhood superstitious comment is hilarious.

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