Monday, May 26, 2014

Answers I Do Not Have

Good morning, and a lovely Memorial Day it is. Mollybird was born on Memorial Day, and that meant my hysterical call to Souster Meg between contractions was answered with a chuckle and a reminder that I wasn't asking her to skip work to come massage my swollen Hindenburg feet. She was off for the holiday.

So eight years later I'm planning a birthday party for next weekend and developed the obsession with cake pops you can see to your left. I was going to go to hobby shops for lollipop sticks and melty candy things I hadn't known existed and then make a test batch (cake pop virgin, me) and THEN a real batch all while shopping and wrapping presents and... No: Sanity happened. Also I have to stay in bed today. 

I've been crazy with being a long-weekend-single-parent while Shane does a chunk of the Appalachian Trail. I decided to be a FUN parent and there have been necessary errands too. I finally realized yesterday that summer as an at-home parent is a marathon, not a sprint, and that's an asshole of a metaphor for a mom who's also a spoonie. So fuck you, metaphor-generating brain lobe. Anyway, I'm Bed Woman today. My super costume is pajamas-all-day, an ice pack, and a stack of pillows. But I'm very close to Iron Man level awesomeness due to the technologically enhanced spine, so there's that.

Bird wanted to know the difference between Memorial Day and Veterans Day and all I could offer was a vague and totally inappropriate guess that dead Veterans get an extra honor day today because they died, and hastily added something about died for America because patriotism is definitely not an innate part of my brain and I'm a pacifist and am not equipped to explain very well. I brought it around to the importance of believing in something so much you'd die for it. I refrained from any cynical age-inappropriate monologue about certain recent wars being motivated by unbelievable lies and moved on to reasons America is truly a wonderful place. I'm all about being allowed to write this without going to prison, for starters. I love that I can trust my Google results and tweet my freak flag loudly. I can wear a short skirt while I drive and I will (eventually... oy...) get the support I need from the system I paid into when I was able to work.

Holy cats, I just blogged from cake pops and birthday parties to critiquing war and praising US culture. Here would be a great place to mention that Molly's friend brought the prettiest snow-white moth into the house to show us and I admired its incredible beauty even as I pulled my legs into a fetal ball and ordered its six-legged evil OUTside while shouting I KNOW it's irrational. It's a PHOBIAAAA.

Also I won a lime shimmer eye shadow at a Mary Kay party and I bought a great owl figurine at a yard sale. And Molly is still asleep at 11:45 am and I am going to have hell to pay at bedtime.

Avocados are delicious.
There was a really big goldfish on the news. Like over a foot long.

Love, Heidi
Dude checks out Jasper Johns' flag painting
in photo by Esther Westerveld on Flickr.