Friday, May 30, 2014

Eight. EIGHT? 8. Wow. How? Eight. Also, Maleficent.

My baby girl: She's all huge. It's teary sniffles inducing.

Yesterday was her birthday, and we had a low key (but sadly, not Loki) day. We took her to our favorite homey diner place for breakfast and had cake and prezzies later at the grandies'. Shane and I gave her her little gifts in a box that was her Nana's (my grandmother's) filled with cute jewelry: a fancy 'M' initial necklace, a dainty sparkly skull necklace, and a big girly skull pendant of the pink-hearts-for-eyes variety. I also picked her up a sweet peacock feather printed eyeglasses case to store her travel kit for her tooth care stuff. We have to be vigilant now that favorite, that was the design she chose for her birthday makeup. I always give her a fantasy face paint design.

Now I've got to get out of digital land. We're having her kiddo party tomorrow so there's Stuff To Be Done. {Not a lot- Shane's doing the decor and shopping and stuff, because I got a wee talkin' to by my neurologist about overdoing it. There'll be a whole fun medical update post later.} For now there are phone calls and baking and gift wrapping and then...

 MALEFICENT! I've been pants-wetting excited for this movie since it was announced and I am going to just force myself to focus through the day until movie time.

I have a big, big squee.

And as we recently noticed it's rated PG, the Bird gets to come along as well. That part is touching: Sleeping Beauty was a huge deal to me as a kid. It was my favorite fairy tale. Hell, it was my favorite ANYTHING for a while. Dad bought me the DVD as soon as it was released and made me cry in public. (Just a little.) Click here to read about the time I stole a vintage movie poster from a little girl. Sharing a next generation film about my favorite Disney villain with my girl is crazy wonderful.

Have a magnificent &/or Maleficent weekend, my bl'oves. (Blog loves? Like my bl'eaders? We like?)