Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Digital Do-ings

Blame Jessica.

Ages ago, the ridiculously talented and unfathomably beautiful myriad-media artist Jess told me she loved my to-do list posts. I have several large and small things needing my attention so I'll share them, and that definitely is not a sneaky attempt to pretend to write while actually organizing my thoughts in a totally self-serving way. I would never.

And so I present to you my Things:
  • Finalize agreements  (Much thanks to Geoffrey & the 'Dreams of Ruin' art team.) and read manuscript for an illustration project of orgasmic nerdiness.
  • Install new widget for partnership. w00t! Thanks, Jake:)
  • Continue to dig through my blog to identify the offending links that appear to be spam and attempt to unravel the confusion of how one hosts ads directly, as in not Adsense, without violating G's terms. I make infinitely more money selling my few ads directly than I've ever made with Adsense, because I'm fairly sure I've only made pennies with Google. I'm probably doing it wrong, which leads to my need to:
  • Follow more purposefully the posts of bloggers who know their shit, particularly Cecily Kellogg and Elan Morgan, respectively of Uppercase Woman and to divine the deeper tricks of blogging with a more career-oriented bent. I'm hearing a loud, echoing NOTHING about my disability. 
  • Research smartphones and decide if I should stick with the iPhone and buy a 5c or try another brand.
  • Redesign my branding to match my newish header, including maybe creating an entirely new header but probably not.
  • Start using this lovely guide to create blog post images that will fit each social media site, if further pondering brings me to attempt this. I'm not about to create 4-5 different aspect ratios for each image. 
Life of a ADD-addled mommyblogger during the summer: the short list post took 6 hours to write, and items were being finished before the plan to do them was complete.

And now, in response to ominous, sexy thunder, I'm shutting down for a while. Who else thinks thunder is totally hot?