Monday, June 2, 2014

Disc Pain and Crazybitch: the Sequel

I'm having a shit time sitting upright at the moment, but I've been trying to post this for a week and I'll be brief and just blog it, although dropping my run on sentences is almost painful.

Onto the actual pain: my nerves. Literal nerve pain- I'll get to the crazy junk in a minute. I've been having nerve strikes, my name for the lightning jolts of nerve pain that come with inflamed or crushed discs. My neurologist says to take it easy (less driving, walking, etc.) until I can get a CT scan to see what's up. Hopefully it's irritation at the site of my original fusion surgery. That seems most likely, he says. The worse but less likely option is a new ruptured disc, which is scary but really at this point, it's just annoying. Oh fuck: ruptured disc surgery- that again? Okay. Whatever: Pick a day and grab a scalpel.

My craziness issue is that I saw the neurologist immediately after leaving my psychologist, who had told me to make my PMDD treatment a serious priority, because she felt she'd seen three different patients during my three recent visits. She advised me not to make any serious decisions until someone with a medical degree feels I'm stable and that felt like an official stamp of crazy being plonked onto me and I'd gotten a demotion back to my nineteen year old very unstable self. My neuro is extremely lucky I didn't lose my shit when he told me he thought I could have a new disc failing. The only reason he didn't was that I was well into my period and thus not a shaking wreck.

Today I'm waiting for calls back from my old GP because of course she's leaving the state while I'm busy needing to become stable. And the neuro has nurses trying to schedule me as well. So I'm just waiting, resting my evil legs, and enjoying the blissful week before I ovulate and hell breaks loose.


Meanwhile, a new creative thing is probably happening so cheers to that.
Namaste, bl'eaders. Enjoy a good week.