Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Dreams & Demons

I have a serious new fictional crush: Azhrarn the Demon Prince of Tanith Lee's Night's Master has stolen my heart. He is deliciously evil and swoonworthy. And I'm taken with Ms. Lee has as well- her writing style is absolute perfection. It's effortlessly elegant and storyteller-ish. I have no better word than that, but it's very like listening to an oral story. There's a vibe that's not unlike Neil Gaiman, that sparks a feeling that she's telling the story aloud to an intimate audience. And like my ever-beloved Mr. Gaiman, she makes me want to write fiction.

Here's the link, if you like. It links to my affiliate account, to support my hungry addiction.

I'm going to spend some time on my story today, after relating my dream here and probably while taking breaks from illustrating. I have won permission for an orgy and some dirty satyr sex and I am as pleased as you'd imagine by this.

So I woke this morning from a dream of my mom, and Drew Barrymore, and the collapse of the United States. Only the country was actually my high school. My recurring anxiety element of a malfunctioning telephone appeared- I was trying to reach my mom to pick me up from school, but I couldn't reach her. I have that dream often, either failing to reach Mom or Shane usually. Eventually I made it out of the suddenly civil-warring country/school and then home to the apartment I shared with mom and my brother, above where he and my aunt still live- and mom was very blasé, though I was hysterical with relief to finally see her. She'd been missing for months in the dream. (Admittedly that's much preferable to her being dead for more than a decade, and also to the zombie undead mom nightmares I used to have.) We ate delicious beans and rice that my brother had made and Jessica Simpson lived with us, inexplicably.

Simultaneously it seemed, in a parallel time stream, I had escaped instead to some posh apartment where Drew Barrymore (a crush who is a far more logical and welcome dream star than Jessica) and there was going to be some hot Drew sex but I had just learned I was HIV+ and didn't wish to be unsafe. It just popped into my head at the last minute. A terrible pity to be so close to a sex dream and miss the mark, but at least my dreamself is a responsible partner.

And then I awoke and watched The Pirate Fairy with the little one while I had my coffee. We planned some crafty activities but she was invited to the neighbors' and I have a quiet afternoon to write and draw. She wants to make a book with a hidden hollow piece, which sounds delightful to me, so tomorrow we'll make that. 

Off with me now. I have a date with a demon or two, some horny satyrs, and many evil trees.