Monday, October 6, 2014

Photos from Charleston WV's ShockaCon Day One

This post is REALLY late in coming, but the weekend was insane, and the week that followed was much the same. But you want to see the geeky amazeballz photos, and so I shall deliver.

Tomorrow I'll post the sugar skull makeup I did on friends, though we missed the costume parade because I am a slow face painter and the makeup killed my back. The family we hung out with took Birdy to a picnic, so everyone got to show off their skullies. There are just so many photos here and I don't want the makeup to get lost.

So, feast your eyes, nerdy bl'eaders!

I wish I'd asked who built this TARDIS. It was glorious. And Shane cannot BELIEVE I didn't peak inside, but I never even thought to try the door, and again, I didn't know who'd brought it. We agree that it should've been placed in front of a door to a huge room. Sadly, I kept missing the impressively accurate NuWho Dalek when it was assembled and rolled out where I could snap it. But trust me (I'm The Doctor) it was so freaking awesome.

This is the most adorable Freddy Kreuger that ever existed in the world, Miss Zoe ScarboroughSeriously, could you die?

This sweet pop painting of C3PO is by Gary Vaughan, but I can't find a link for him yet.

I love this painting, Last Light of Humanity, by Brittney Hackney. We talked for a bit about Alex Grey, whom we both pretty much worship. She also has a site about horror effects, Atomic Beast Studio.

These are the Arkhams, and are by all accounts super fabulous guys. They were so friendly when I asked them to let me take their photo.

And my old friend Chris Woodall, who is Such. A. Badass! With a buddy whose name is lost to my chaos.

I am going to own a print of that delicious Nosferatu and a Lugosi Dracula I didn't get in focus. I'm going to buy them or DIE.

And I was a Maenad, with the ivy and berries I didn't have time to paint as grapes, but that fascinator/crown was so epic and I made it in ten minutes. I mostly wanted an excuse to wear ivy in my hair and flaunt those FUCKING yummy green lashes. I got them at K-Mart in the Halloween section, and they have many really great eyelashes.

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