Monday, November 24, 2014

Catch Up Post and Plans for #NaBloPoMo

My dreams last night were (as usual) fairly bizarre. I won't detail most of them because you don't need to know the nightmares my brain brews up for me in its cauldron of crazy.

I did have one amusing tidbit of a dream that I'll share, as it could not be more relevant to this post. 

I dreamt that NaBlo included a mandatory plug-in for participants' blogging platform. I logged in to write one of this week's micro-posts and had a warning that my posts had been too short. The Powers That Be had put my on probation. 

That's been weighing on my mind, apparently more than I realized, that I've had to half-ass so much of the month. And I still need to double up, so I'll post again later tonight.

I really wanted to dig back into writing here, and instead I've had to post blithe little tiny things of little content. 

The muscle spasm from hell is slowly loosening, but I need to have a talk with Dr. B about switching muscle relaxers. The Zanaflex is great for putting me to sleep (deep as the dead) for a couple of hours, then I feel a little relief when I awake. I'd much prefer something both more effective and less sedating. I'm not sure if that exists, but I'm really ready to break up with Zanaflex.

I'm doing a bit better every day, though, so I gotta find my zen place. It's hard—I am far more manic pixie chaos girl than a zen mama. But there's a seed of it in there that just needs some nurturing. 

So I'm hopeful we'll see some of my planned posts—like the eyebrow fun, a book review with some cosplay-like photos, and art! Actual drawings by me. I'm hoping to revamp the blog's design as well. That all may be too ambitious to try before the finished Dreams of Ruin illustrations are inked, so consider it a wish list for the winter.

I'll post something this evening, after a snuggles-and-Agents of SHIELD-marathon with Birdy. She's been at the grandies' for two days visiting with my nephew, whom she worships. He's seventeen, has a car, and is as obsessed with Minecraft as she is. I love how close they are, because my only child needs as many pseudo-siblings as she can get. 

They've also gotten a new kitten, so she's absolutely been in heaven.

I miss her like mad, and I'm thrilled that I'll have her back in about thirty minutes. 

Until tonight, darlin's! 

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