Thursday, November 13, 2014

Cruel November, a Sketchbook #ThrowBackThursday

I opened a sketchbook from one or two years back, and half of this spread fell out. (It was not a book I'd bound myself, thankyouverymuch.)

This year I'm nowhere near as stricken with seasonal depression, though I did scowl one mighty scowl when I walked Finn out to confront a delicate screen-wall of snow. 

But two years ago, the waning light was cause for mourning and melodramatic poetry. Even then I'd still had enough peace, wrapped up cozy in the remnants of autumn, to write the reminder at the bottom:

That sentiment feels much closer now than any cruelty in the cold—beyond the regular complaints of my hips and that damn new little crack in my foot.

May your hearths and feet be warmed, and may November be a time of curling inward in calm.

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