Saturday, November 8, 2014

Fun with Dragon Dictation #NaBloPoMo

Okay! Who wants to experiment with hilarious technology? Beyond this point is {mostly} unedited.

I'm teaching myself to use the Dragon dictation app because sometimes I'm too lazy to get up and write notes about my stories but more often I am stuck in bed and can't sit up long enough to write at least to my laptop is fixed and even then sometimes it's extremely awkward to sit and it's hard to type up lying in bed so I thought it would be fun if we just sort of do overall farrago {Wha...?} with us and see how the him how the Dragon interprets my speech patterns in my accident {and my accent} and just see what happens because it seems I'm not getting out of bed again today I feel a little bit better but as soon as I get up is is not good.
So, with tweaks it will be useful.
Oh goodbye, awake time.
Have a good day. 

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