Wednesday, November 12, 2014

A Genius Solution for My Winter Holiday Anxiety #NaBloPoMo

I'm beginning to feel my inevitable post-Halloween mood crash. Every year, my October is a slow, anticipation-rich ride up a roller coaster and Halloween is the perfect moment without gravity and full of adrenaline thrill just as—

oh shit the roller coaster isn't finished and we're all dead 'til spring.

However! A flashing moment of mother-daughter telepathy occurred on Molly's school holiday. We've decided to do a Nightmare Before Christmas themed ChristmaSolstice tree this year. That little quirk of inspiration lifted my mood like wild.

My therapist thought it was a brilliant 

I've given earnest promises to Shane to start early and to take great care to avoid going to the land of manic project overdrive. It's impossible to do so anyway, as I'm necessarily in that mode of work for the Dreams of Ruin illustrations. 

I'll show you my final sketches of the evil-infested landscape later this week as soon as they're approved. 

And of course there will be a glut of photographs of the Tree of Jack & Sally.

Be warm & well, darlin's! 
I've found my twang again. Today. Mine is a mercurial twang.

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