Sunday, November 2, 2014

Halloween Photo Wrap Up #NaBloPoMo

I put more work into Molly's prop than her costume this year, and I love it to an abnormal degree.

And so I present to you, those who don't follow me on Facebook, the epic axe/bass of Marceline, The Vampire Queen:

And the Queen of Rad herself:

She was so goddamn adorable I was in an Ex-Gothgirl-Mama Bliss Trance. And then she declared that she wasn't taking the Bass of Awesome trick-or-treating. I was yanked out of my trance and was spiraling into a bitch rage, when Shane gave me a soothing/warning look and I kept the beast in check.

The morning of trick-or-treat night* we went to Molly's school party. Here's a bit of that fun:

Adorable autumn meditation by the Bird:

Molly makes crazy eyes with lollipop ghosts:

And candy brooms:

I had as much fun as the third graders, I think. I haven't felt up to attending her school parties much. The PTA mamas were playing a Halloween CD, and Mollybird bemoaned the fact that as soon as Shane and I left, the theme from The Nightmare Before Christmas came on.

We remedied this by watching the movie yesterday, while I got glamo-witchy for circle.

And now, it is the Sunday evening winding down. I hope desperately that I've moderated the candy intake.

Mellow Sunday quietness to you.

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