Sunday, November 16, 2014

Inside the Lines #NaBloPoMo

It's so hard to focus when the family's home, and I tend to write and draw when they're at school and work. I have enough ADD that it's a huge fight to be productive when there are puppies and husbands and little girls in and out of the room. 

But after a drawing binge week-that became-weekend-too, Molly wheedled me into letting her help for a few minutes this afternoon.

She "colored" a few of my thick calligraphic outlines on the wicked trees from the Dreams of Ruin. She was beside herself. I'm more likely to ban her from the couch because she bounced a bit while I was tracing a delicate line, but today I decided to allow her to have a wee hand in the sketch.

And now, if you'll excuse, I have an author who probably has an assassin at the ready if I take much longer with these sketches.

That is 100% artistic license. G has been an incredible client—very understanding about my Frankenspine and occasional need to disappear into bed for a week or um, a month*. 

Funny aside- just out of frame below the horns you can just make out is the evil satyr's victim, who is a sketchy almost humanoid shape waiting for Molly to go to bed. 

Our poor damsel is naked and kneeling with her hands bound behind her, and I have reference images in my 'Pictures' folder that were downloaded from some very colorful sites indeed.

Which I did not enjoy.**

Sweet dreams, my darlings. May your Monday morning be easy and perky.


*Or two months.

**Sometimes I lie.

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