Sunday, November 23, 2014

Moon Manicure & More Girly Glam

My darling friend Sweet Tea sent me this gorgeous manicure from Pamela Love NY in Tumblr*, only she sent it to me via Pinterest because the web is complex. Like a web. 

I'm deeply in love with this. It rocks my socks right off.

I've planned to do some makeup posts during #NaBloPoMo and Souster wants me to do an eyebrow tutorial, but ye gods! I didn't expect for a massive pain slam. 

I miss being really present here. Or in my life... Blargh. 

Today was a step better than yesterday, so soon I'll be up to pumpkin cupcakes and cosmetic playfulness.

Be well! 

(Blogger app doesn't let me link text. Is so annoying.)

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