Monday, November 17, 2014

No, Really: DARK Fantasy

Um, I don't condone satyr-on-humanoid rape. I don't sit around imagining up such things. I'm just the artist. I just work here. Move along... Okay, fine. Maybe that image was my pitch. 

That is the demonic fruit of my labor, the sketch for the middle third of the Dreams of Ruin landscape, though landscape is a blurry term as the Puppets are at least in symbiosis with the Forest of Woe and probably they're more interdependent than even that.

I'm recovering from my art blitz and I'm really not word-ready, so that's a tease. I'm so jonesing to sink into the final drawings. Snake scale bark on trees! Zombie elf skeletons!

And murdersprites! 

That has to be the best creature name in gaming. Ever! And those little blighters are ASSHOLES to draw in context. They're tiny, and it's hard to cram any personality into a little splotch in a drawing. 

I need to post Mel's character drawings of them but I need to be in bed. I'll try to talk to her and the boss man and get a go-ahead to show you.

Sleep well! not responsible for nightmares, bad satyr PR, lost items, or damage to human or elven souls.

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