Friday, November 7, 2014

Pain & Oblivion #NaBloPoMo

It's been a day half in oblivion and half in the world of a deeply engaging story. When I have to take my muscle relaxers, I can't read; my eyes unfocus. Audiobooks have become a favorite entertainment but I've always only listened to Gaiman, with whose books I'm very familiar. I've heard Stardust, my favorite, a ridiculous number of times.

And today I learned this is key; to listen to a story I know by heart. For I drifted asleep and awoke to find a serious fucking spoiler had occurred.

I yelled passionately at Tom Hisdleston, who narrates, the fact by which I discovered the book.

It's The Red Necklace, a deliciously angst-thick tale of the French Revolution and in my current state of mind I couldn't possibly do it justice, though I will review it soon. I'm just farther than halfway finished.


It's been a frankly horrific day since consciousness dawned and Shane took over my usual morning Molly school preparation and sent me back to bed where I've remained.

In a synaesthetic description, my pain feels like the sound of Cobain's most broken shrieks. 

Or a migraine from the hips to the toes, grinding from inside so that I could rest on a cloud and my body would still be shocking and stabbing me raw from inside.


I'm sorry for treating you to ugly details—it's mostly for my reference for the story I'm writing with an (anti)heroine who has crippling pain.

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