Friday, November 14, 2014

Shedding and Renewal

I had a temper tantrum on my head a few days ago and IT IS GLORIOUS.

It's very, very hard for me to grow out my hair, and it's a task that feels absolutely wonderful to abandon. It's a snake wriggling its glossy scales out from the old skin; it's the trees dropping dried leaves in order to air out their beautiful skeletons for the winter.

It feels so clean and soft and I feel so good every time I do this. Molly loves it and calls it kitten hair and pets my head as we snuggle. 

I'm not sure why but (in photos and the mirror at least) I think it looks feminine on me. At the same time there's still a tiny thrill of boldness, but sadly I've clipped it this short so many times now it's almost totally boring. It still feels super comfy though. It's not as cold as you might think, and anyway hats and wraps feel awesome.

Here's my nearly naked noggin and the scarf I wear so often it should just be stitched onto my skin. 

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