Tuesday, November 4, 2014

StoRebelling #NaBloPoMo

And so this year it is four days in when writer's block attacks. Or rather writer's preference begins to rebel. Blogging has long been my comfort zone, after the initial adjustment to writing publicly from years and years of keeping journals.

But I've broken through the fear of writing fiction, and only in the last ten minutes realized that's why my posting energy has sputtered and hesitated so much this time around.

I'm going to go with that flow to some degree and post some ficlets, as the fanfiction writers call these micro-stories. I'll most likely begin with picking up where my half-story flash fiction challenge left off. It wasn't picked up by anyone to complete, which was a balance of karma as I'd had a ridiculously busy week and didn't write anyone else's second half either.

I also never received any feedback from bl'eaders, and I've been stubbornly asserting to myself that my piece was too weird and personal for anyone else to touch. The alternative being that it's kinda shitty, though obviously it can and likely is some mix of those extremes. It is personal. Though it's heavily fictionalized and hyperbolic it's a stew of moments similar to those I have had with my anxiety when it's been at its worst. So I guess the Internet Deities (Interdeities? I'm having a problem with portmanteau lately that may even rival my unholy love of bad puns) wanted me to finish my own storylet. Storyling? Storyette? Never mind—the slashfic dudes clearly nailed it with 'ficlet'.

I don't predict I'll have the storytelling mojo to do a majority of fiction this month, but I'll work in some.

I'm also going to draw, of course, and play with some makeup posts, which were a fun experiment for last years NaBloPoMo. I owe Souster Meg an eyebrow fakery tutorial from around the Cretacious Period or something. My response is always, "Just LET YOURS GROW! The woman possesses the most gorgeous, thick eyebrows I have ever beheld. And that's wicked fashionable right now. She's mental and waxes hers thinner, but when I want a great set of Eyeball Frame Hair, I have to cast my darkest cosmetic magic- my COSMAGIC!!!!

And with that, I feel a deep sense of satisfaction and will bid y'all *adieu*. I'll see you soon with horror stories and glamosaurus brow witchery.

Meanwhile, I'm compiling an FAQ for the blog, that'll presumably concern mostly my birth defects.

I'm starting with questions I'm often asked in person, but if you have any questions about my Medical Mystery Tour or about anything else, you can comment here anonymously or nonymously or email me privately and I'll keep your identifying info to myself.

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