Thursday, November 27, 2014

Thanksgiving Exhaustion, Molly is Pretty, & State of the NaBloPoMo

I hit a huge, impenetrable wall of exhaustion and pain last night, and my blogging experience didn't even make it into the top five or so priorities. Those were probably drugs, ice, heat, sleep, girl snuggles.

Tonight I've just gotten home after absolutely the best Thanksgiving dinner we've ever had, and after cooking part of it yesterday and today I am again at The Wall of No.

So I'm just going to extend my November post-everyday-plan as far into December as needed. 

Today, this is my favorite photograph, and I want to end on an uplifting note before I take the damn Zanaflex and my eyeballs go unfocused then—boom! Nap.

It's a Christmas dress but Molly believes firmly in her own fashion rules, as usual.

I hope your day was warm and loving, and that you are surrounded by love.

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