Thursday, November 6, 2014

Thought. Memory. Desire. #NaBloPoMo

When I was in art school, I obsessively drew/painted/printed two crows. I think I must have been vaguely aware that Odin had two ravens, but I'm sure I wouldn't have heard their names or that they meant anything particular to me, beyond my (so predictable art school goth-ish chick) fascination with crows and ravens.

So now I've gotten fucking OBSESSED with reading about Norse myths, because Marvel Cinematic Universe took over my brain, heart, and soul with Loki's beautiful angst.


At any rate, I've been pondering tattoos placed on the front of each shoulder. Symmetrical. But I was thinking of text until I saw this guy's Huginn & Munnin pieces and all the crow drawings and the beautiful work here (and look at that labyrinth on his arm! My triskele wrist tattoo was very nearly a labyrinth) all collided into a lovely (expensive) tattoo plan.

And then I got to thinking about runes, and during my reading on the translations from Old Norse, I read that Munnin's etymology likely refers to desire, and not memory. Thinking about the relationship between memory & desire, how related they can be; then further the juxtaposition between thought & desire all absolutely thrashed me with poetic love.

I have made no sense of my emotional response to this, and it occurs to me to look up logos & eros (or is it logos & pathos?) for a parallel. This is all going to require a lot more swooning at elegant words and comparing cultures to a Wikipedia depth, but I feel I need to revisit these ideas more.

Certainly there will be drawings.

Be peaceful and easy as we tumble toward winter, and may you find words that seduce and delight.

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